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Centrally located in the heart of Mahon, our school has modern facilities and a wealth of support services and activities to facilitate Spanish learning in Menorca.

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Menorca, your place in Spain to learn Spanish abroad

Come to Menorca, one of the most beautiful Islands in Spain and enjoy its natural surroundings and incredible landscapes.

Your stay in Menorca while studying Spanish will become a fantastic opportunity to discover Menorca, a paradise within the Western Mediterranean, a pearl bathed by a crystalline sea and protected by a friendly climate throughout the year. With 216 kilometers of coastline, Menorca has more than 70 beaches. Its geological variety makes it a place of undoubted beauty in which wild cliffs contrast with soft sands.
The Islands ports conserve, in all its splendor, a marine tradition that remains as a way of life for many of its inhabitants and as a source of fun.

Menorca, declared Biosphere Reserve on October 8th in 1993, is a territory with a very rich traditional rural landscape. It houses a remarkable diversity of Mediterranean habitats, where many exclusive species of animals and plants from the Island live.

Strongly influenced by different cultures that passed throughout the Island´s history, Menorca offers an amazing cultural offer.

From the gastronomy to the landscape, passing through the Minorcan dialect of the Catalan language, the attentive visitor will be able to discover Arabic, British, French and Spanish influences.

Throughout the year there are many activities as varied as concerts of classical music, opera, stable theater programming, plastic arts exhibitions, literary competitions or gatherings and conferences. Over the centuries, the Island has been a refuge and source of inspiration for artists such as Gabriel García Márquez, Joan Manuel Serrat or Cees Noteboom, who were seduced by the quiet, discreet and respectful character of the Menorcan people.

The Spanish student will find an Island where the majority of its inhabitants are bilingual and dominate besides Spanish also the Island´s version of the Catalan language, that is taught in schools along with Spanish and English


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Parties and events
Festes de Sant Joan de Ciutadella. Horses and tradition
(June23rd and 24th)
Festes de Gràcia. Horses and tradition in Mahón
(September 6th to 9th)