School History

Menorca Spanish School History

We founded the school in 2015, starting as a small school where support classes were taught. Initially we only gave classes to residents who want to learn the language. Then we realized that there was also a huge interest in visitors of the Island in learning Spanish. So we extended the offer of courses combining the learning of the language, holidays and the culture of our Island.

A few months later we opened our own school, located in a small palace built around 1800, in the old center of Mahón. Here we offer our students not only Spanish classes, but also part of the culture of the Island and we share with them our traditions, history, gastronomy, art, music etc.

Our aim is not only to teach the Spanish language but also to have every student to take back a part of Menorca in his heart and to remember that in the Mediterranean Sea there is a paradisiacal Island called Menorca, that received them with warmth and affection and transmitted to them part of its serenity and calmness.