General Information

Minimum age for adult courses: 16 years

Minimum age for family courses: 7 years

Start dates (Spanish courses): Weekly on Mondays

Duration of the classes (Spanish course): 45 minutes.

Classes will always be held in the same language that is being learnt.

COVID19 Spanish Government Start of Alarm  (15th of March 2020)  . No refunds on bookings or on accomodation – vouchers will be valid for one year (from the date of start of course and or start of accomodation) therefore we recommend to pospone to later date with no loss of fee. 
  • Registration process
  • The student must fill in the registration form and send it to us by e-mail. When you arrive at the center you must present your passport or an identification document showing your photograph.
  • In case the student is a minor (18), the parent or legal guardian must sign the registration form, and communicate their address, identification, and sign a legal consent, scan them and send them via e-mail. The contractual parties are either the responsible parent or legal guardian of the minor student and Experience Menorca Learning Solutions SL
  • The student must pay a deposit of € 180 (non-refundable) when booking the course and he will receive a confirmation of the reservation once we have received the registration form and the deposit’s payment.
  • The remaining payment must be made at least two weeks before the start date of the course by bank transfer, credit card or cash.
  • If the student wants to make the payment through a bank transfer, the details of the account are the following:
    • Account holder: Experience Menorca Learning Solutions SL
    • Bank: BBVA
    • Bank address: Plaça de s’Esplanada, 9, 07703 Mahón, Islas Baleares, España 
    • IBAN: ES3901827434610201934782
    • Please note that payments that arrive through the bank must indicate the student’s name, or we will have to refuse the payment. Please indicate shared or SEPA costs.
  • Payment of the program must be made at least two weeks before the start of the course.

Services included in the rates:

  • language classes
  • evaluation of the student’s level in the level test
  • skills of teachers’ staff available to the student for consultations
  • constant monitoring of the student’s learning process
  • attendance diploma with detailed description of the percentage of attendance, together with the level of the course that the student has done
  • 1st set of course material
  • free use of the center’s facilities
  • 24-hour emergency number
  • some free leisure activities

Not included in the rates:

  • travel expenses
  • exam fee
  • some leisure activities (horse riding, diving, fishing and others).
  • pocket money
  • personal insurance coverage due to illness, accident, theft, cancellation, etc.

Public Holidays

  • Menorca Spanish School Closes Dates: During 2020: 8th December; 23rd December until 10th January 2021 closed. During 2021: School re-opens on January 11th after Christmas; 1st of March; 1st until 5th of April; 9th of September; 12th of October; 1st of November; 6th of December; 8th of December; Christmas holidays 24th December until 10th January 2022 closed – Some holidays are subject to change.

  1. Cancellation and refund policy
COVID19 Spanish Government Start of Alarm  (15th of March 2020)  . No refunds on bookings or on accomodation – vouchers will be valid for one year (from the date of start of course and or start of accomodation) therefore we recommend to pospone to later date with no loss of fee. 

For all cancellations a written notice must be sent to Menorca Spanish School by email ([email protected]). Cancellations that have not been received by email will not be accepted.

  • For cancellations made more than 30 days before the course’s start date, the school will return all amounts paid except the non-refundable reservation fee (€ 180).
  • For cancellations made between 29 days and 7 days before the course’s start date, the school will return all amounts paid except a surcharge of 25% of the total invoice and the non-refundable deposit (180 €) that will be taken as cancellation fee.
  • In cases where the cancellation takes place less than 7 days before the start of the course and until the previous day, the school will return all amounts paid except a surcharge of 40% of the total invoice and the non-refundable deposit (€ 180) which will be taken as the cancellation fee.
  • In no case will a refund of the money be made once the course has begun or once the period of accommodation has begun.
  • Menorca Spanish School will not be responsible for cancellations due to natural disasters, flight cancellations, health or personal problems.
  • No refunds will be given to students who have shortened the duration of the course that had been initially reserved, or have missed classes due to reasons not related to Menorca Spanish School.
  • All reimbursements will have an administrative surcharge of 10% (with a minimum of 25€) applied to the reimbursement price.
  • Any change of accommodation or program after the arrival of the student will have an administrative fee of € 25.
  • If the student wants to change the course’s start date with a notification of a week or less in advance, a fee of € 50 will be applied for the change in addition to the difference of the change itself (if any).
  1. Visa Refusal
  • Cancellations for refusal of Visa must be sent to the center by email with evidence of the refusal and the 180 € fee will not be refunded.
  1. Accommodation Changes – Host Family
  • If a student wants to switch between a host family and another host family, there is an administrative fee of € 25; that will also apply if the student would like to change to any other type of accommodation.
  • If a student changes to a higher category accommodation, the student will also have to pay the difference in price.
  • There will be no refund of money if the student decides to change to a lower category.
  1. Meals – Host Family Accommodation

Students staying in a host family will receive a continental breakfast with tea or coffee with milk, and an adequate amount of bread, pastry or cereals.

  • Students must respect meal times set by their host family. Students should inform families about allergies, and foods they like or do not like.
  • If the student would like to cook, he should consult with his host family in advance.
  1. Accommodation Inspection (shared apartment)
  • The center’s management or staff can enter to inspect the accommodation when necessary. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc. They should not be moved from one place to another. When inspecting the accommodation upon departure, customers will be charged for any missing items, even if they are in another accommodation.
  • Posters, photos, postcards, etc. should not be glued to the walls; this is to avoid damaging the plaster: a minimum fee of € 25 per room will be charged to touch up the paint.
  • Students are responsible for missing inventory items, breakages and damage to their accommodation; Therefore, it is in the interest of students who share accommodation to ensure that any damage caused to their accommodation is reported to the school address immediately.
  1. Keys
  • Each student will receive their own apartment key. Students who stay in the shared apartments will be charged € 25 for missing or broken keys.
  • In the case of accommodation with host families, if students receive a copy of the house key and it is lost, they will have to pay the total cost involved to replace the door lock.
  1. Pick-up services at the airport
  • Flight information (place, date, time and flight number) must be confirmed and communicated at least one week before arrival. Otherwise, Menorca Spanish School will not be responsible for picking up the student at the airport and there will be no refund.
  • If the student cancels the pick-up service at the airport less than a week before his arrival, he will lose his right to the reimbursement of the cost of this service.
  • In case of any delay or change in the flight information without prior notice, Menorca Spanish School will not be responsible for picking up the student at the airport.
  • LAST MINUTE CHANGES can be made by calling the emergency number at any time up to 2 hours before the scheduled arrival. No change can be made once the driver has left for the airport.
  • If you lose your luggage, you should explain your situation to a guard who is there at that time. Then, try to find the Menorca Spanish School driver who will be waiting just outside the baggage claim area, and let him know about the problem. In that way, our staff will assist you with the claim and the transfer will be guaranteed.
  • We always do our best! All the arrival information is on the website of the Spanish Airport Authority AENA – Menorca Airport. Our staff verifies the information on their website. If the flight is delayed, the pickup time is postponed, whether or not you have reported the incident. However, as mentioned above, it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes that you have knowledge of, since sometimes AENA cannot offer complete information.
  1. General Policies


  • Students must have a health, accident and travel insurance policy that covers them from the start date of their enrollment up to the ending date of their enrollment (coverage for cancellations, loss and theft of luggage and personal belongings, evacuation of emergency and for any other eventuality that may occur must also be included).
  • The School will not be responsible in any way for the costs incurred as a result of the student not having insurance coverage or insufficient. Menorca Spanish School reserves the right to receive a full refund for any medical or related costs that may be incurred on behalf of the student requiring urgent medical attention. Unless liability is legally imposed, the school will not accept any liability in case of illness, accident, loss, damage or injury to personal effects or property.
  • If an entry visa is not guaranteed and Menorca Spanish School is informed by email 8 days or more before the registration start date, a full refund will be sent, minus the €180 fee, bank charges and courier expenses (if applicable) to the student.
  • If the school is informed 7 days or less before the registration start date, a cancellation fee, equivalent to the cost of a week (course, accommodation, registration fee, airport transfers, etc.), bank charges. and courier fees (if applicable), will be charged.
  1. Course Policies

Change of Level

Students who wish to change their level during their stay should speak with the Academic Director. The student will be asked to take a test before moving on to the next level.

Certificate of attendance to the course

Students receive a certificate of attendance at the end of their course at the school. They must have attended at least 80% of the classes to obtain it.

Course Changes

Students who wish to change their course during their stay should speak with the Academic Director. Additional charges will apply in the case of updates to a different group or private classes; however, refunds will not be granted if students switch to a lower value course.

  • The change from a group course to a course of individual classes is only possible if the price difference between the two courses is paid (with the same number of lessons).
  • Menorca Spanish School reserves the right to change any part of the course to another similar or better type when circumstances (beyond the control of the school) require such changes. In this case, charges will not be applied.

Reduced classes’ time

  • If the number of participants in a particular level is less than 3 people, the schedule will be reduced to 2 (two) lessons per day instead of 4 (four).
  • In case of new additions reaching 3 people, the usual hours will be resumed.
  1. Accommodation policies


  • Check-in takes place on the Sunday before the course starts at 1:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m.). If the student arrives before 1:00 p.m. (13:00) and requires immediate access to their room, Menorca Spanish School recommends making the reservation from one night before.
  • If the student arrives before Sunday, he / she will need to book the additional nights needed.
  • The student must inform us about the exact time of arrival. Menorca Spanish School will inform the student about the process to enter the accommodation and where to receive the key. If the flight is late, the student must call the emergency number before boarding the flight.


  • Check-out takes place on Saturday, before 11 in the morning. If the student has to leave the accommodation after Saturday, he will have to book the additional necessary nights.

Damage deposit

  • When registering, students staying in shared apartments must leave their credit card information as a guarantee. Menorca Spanish School will not charge or block any amount on the card. Only the amount corresponding to any cost that may be incurred with respect to items missing from the inventory, breakages, damages or excessive cleaning that students may cause during their stay will be charged to the card.
  • If the student does not have a credit card, the damage deposit will be paid in cash (€ 150) at the time of registration. It will be refunded (completely or partially) at the time of departure, upon presentation of the damage deposit receipt and after the accommodation has been inspected. In any case, it will not be refunded before then.
  • Upon check-out, the staff of Menorca Spanish School will verify the accommodation before reimbursing the student’s damage deposit. If a student withdraws before the inspection, the administration reserves the right to reimburse the deposit for damages at a later stage. To be reviewed, the accommodation must be vacated and the keys returned.
  • The administration reserves the right to fine students when disturbances have been reported to other clients or third parties. In these cases, the fine will be charged to the credit card or withdrawn from their deposit.
  • It is very important to bear in mind that the responsibility of the students is not limited to € 150 and Menorca Spanish School reserves the right to collect extra money or take any other necessary action when necessary.

Cleaning of shared flats

  • Cleaning of the accommodation is done weekly; missing items will not be replaced. Cleaning includes washing floors and bathrooms, and dusting furniture; The cleaning of plates, pots and pans is not included.
  • Students should keep their rooms tidy so that cleaning is easier after dismissal and they should throw all their trash in the large public spaces located on the street every day.
  • Garbage should not be allowed to accumulate inside, as this will attract ants and cockroaches (you may not know them from your home, but in a Mediterranean climate they always appear during summer months).

Change of accommodation – shared flats

  • If a student changes accommodation to another accommodation in the same category, an administrative fee of € 25 will be charged.
  • If a student changes to a higher category accommodation, they will also be charged the difference in price.
  • There will be no refund if a student moves to a lower category housing.

The respective policies of the hotels will apply to students staying in a hotel.

Protection and security

  • Although there are several security measures to ensure that the school and the accommodation are safe, personal belongings are the responsibility of the student. Students are advised to take care of their belongings and never leave them unattended.
  • Student possessions are not covered by the school’s insurance policy, and principals, management or staff cannot be held responsible for the theft, loss or damage to students’ valuables, even when they are under your custody.


  • The total cost must be paid by students who cause damage to the school or accommodation, or during any service provided by Menorca Spanish School or its subcontractors.
  • In the case of damage caused in a shared accommodation, all students of this accommodation will be equally responsible if none of the students accepts responsibility.
  • Breakages and damages will be charged as they arise.
  1. Complaints, Questions and Problems

Menorca Spanish School complies with EU and Spanish legislation on the complaints’ procedure. Copies of the government forms of the Balearic Islands and Institute forms are available at reception.

  • Regarding courses, accommodation or any other service provided by Menorca Spanish School or its subcontractors, you must register with any member of the administration team at the school reception verbally at the time it occurs. We strongly recommend a follow-up written notice (by email or WhatsApp) within 24 hours.
  • Queries or problems cannot be resolved unless this procedure has been followed. The school will not accept complaints and / or complaints if queries or problems are presented to the school more than 24 hours after its occurrence or after the end date of the program.

13.Expulsion / Reasonable behaviour

Menorca Spanish School expects all of its students to be educated and considerate of staff, families, students and general public.

  • The school may, without being held liable in any way, expel students from any requested services, if, in the opinion of the directors, management or staff, that are likely to endanger their own or the other students, subcontractors or third parties, health, safety or comfort or damage the property or reputation of the school.
  • If a student disregards academic or housing policies and regulations, principals, management or staff reserve the right to expel the student. There will be no refund, and in the case of repatriation, Menorca Spanish School will be entitled to claim the expenses incurred.
  1. Rules and Policies

All students are required to respect the policies and regulations of Menorca Spanish School and the laws that govern the country. When an agent or a third party makes a reservation, the person making the reservation is responsible for informing the student about the terms, conditions, policies and rules of Menorca Spanish School. Ignorance of the policies and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance and may lead to the expulsion of the student from the Menorca Spanish School.

  1. Data Protection
  • When sending your information, students accept the storage and use of information by Menorca Spanish School.
  • All information collected by the school will not be transferred to any other organization or third party, and will be processed in accordance with the country’s Data Protection Law and EU legislation GDPR 2018.
  1. Overwhelming force
  • Directors, management or staff cannot be held responsible for failure to comply with any of their obligations if this is due to a situation beyond the reasonable control of the school. Menorca Spanish School will not offer any compensation.
  1. Photographs and recordings
  • Menorca Spanish School may request permission to use photographs taken during a student’s stay to use in their promotional materials. If a student wants their photo not to appear on this material, they should write to the school within one month after the photo shoot. These photos have no commercial or contractual value. The same applies to video images taken during a student’s stay.
  1. Supervision
  • Menorca Spanish School does not provide supervision to students who take a course for adults, regardless of their age.
  1. Contracting parties / guarantee

The contract is concluded between the contracting party as defined above and Experience Menorca Learning Solution SL, Carrer Tramuntana 56, 2ºB, 07740 Es Mercadal, Menorca, Spain.

  1. Applicable law, jurisdiction

Spanish law will apply exclusively to this contract. As the courts of Menorca, Spain, which have been established as the place of jurisdiction, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if it were another. The above general terms and conditions will not in any way restrict the applicable general rights of the contractual partner.

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